This Web is born with of integration vocation, trying to be an opened and eminently visual window, of the reality of a geographical zone, on which Badajoz exercises his influence. For evident reasons, it is impossible to include in this space so many cities and spaces like out desirably. By it every month new visits were realized and new pages will be included and of this form iremos showing other places and aspects, of this beautiful and affable cross-border corner that they share the Portuguese Alentejo and the Spanish Extremadura.


Antonio García Candelas         

Technical Teacher of Vocational Training (Retired)     


Badajoz, the capital in the border

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"Badajoz, the capital in the border" it is the modest one, but innovative vision of our city and of his close environment. Badajoz generated from his foundation, a new geostrategic point, which exercised since then his influence on a wide geographical zone, inside which they are, a series of populations, with which she is strongly joined by historical, economic - commercial and social bows. Maybe a coincidental approach partly, with the new relations established in the bosom of the Europe of the Nations.


To the margin of numerous publications of didactic character, in written supports and video (some of them rewarded by the M.E.C.) the author has realized the work " BADAJOZ, STRONG SEAT ", published by the County council and presented in the Fair of the Book, of last year 2007.

In " Badajoz, strong Plaza " there are gathered numerous images of the fortifications of the city. In the moment to write these lines, Services of Publications of the Deputation of Badajoz it has thrown " BADAJOZ, THE LOST LOOKS "

In " Badajoz, the distant looks ", they recreate or reconstruct the numerous elements already eliminated of the medieval and modern fortifications of Badajoz, recovering, of some form, the patrimonial past in order that it(he) can be admired in the future.

"ELVAS, SENTRY IN THE BORDER" is dependent on publication, treating itself about a work on the nearby one and friend frontier city and neighbor of Badajoz.


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