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In the year 975, Ibn Marwan " the Galician " received authorization of Cordova to raise on the hill of the Millstone a city where to place his dominion. The place was occupied by the ruidas of a small village which to develop has gathered the history. The extremely strategic place, there was nailed close to the rivers The Guadiana, Gevora and Rivillas, dominated the fords of the rivers and a few fertile lands of culture. In the center of the Lusitania and to half a way between Emeritus August and Evora. Crossroads of ways that nowadays supports this power of equidistance and influence on the populations who surround it, in the same border of both Iberian countries: Portugal and Spain.

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The communications allow his rapid union for the highway A5, with Madrid and Lisbon, being placed in the same infrastructure Merida and Evora. To 90 kms Caceres is with a rapid road that shortly will turn equally into highway. The airport of Badajoz serves daily links with Madrid and Barcelona, whereas in summer epoch it joins Badajoz with the Balearics and according to the operators, with other Spanish populations. In a radius from 60 to 90 kms. other beautiful and monumental cities on both sides of the border, allow a varied selection by virtue of the tastes of the traveler. A few conditions and services that allow to announce Estremadura and Alentejo to the whole nation.
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