Barcarrota's villa is located in the road that from Badajoz and The Albuera, goes towards Sherry of the Gentlemen and Huelva, is in the Region of Olivenza's Plains, lands that in spite of his name, it is shaped in these areas, for low mountains and converted to pasture mount.

Though they abound menires and dolmens that testify the human presence for thousands of years, the locality is supposed founded by the Muslims, once seated in the peninsula after Guadalete's battle. His castle of 7 Towers seems to testify it, for his traces almohades.

After the reconquest for the hosts of the king of León, soon after the fall of Merida and Badajoz, it belonged to the lands of the Bishopric badajocense, though the local nobles achieved of Castile that the villa was happening to be a fief of the same ones, these periods of time being alternated, with others of realengo.

His territory was a scene of multiple battles and contests in which not only comabtían from Leon, Castilian and Moslem. On having been Portugal a strip of land many narrower than Castila and León, the kings of Lusitanians advanced towards the great south more rapidly than his neighbors. It gave place for centuries numerous disputes in frontier lands, which only were solved partly, after Alcañices's Agreement. The wars of Restoration of Portugal and of Succession of Spain, they led to the region to continued periods of famine and destruction.

Today Barcarrota is a nice and calm people, where a form of own life of the 21st century, his quiet and typical rural environment has not prevented. Well there deserves a day of quiet visit, enjoying the warmth of his peoples, the radiant cleanliness of his corners and the walk along alleys and peaceful squares, admiring his monuments, between which his churches and the castle stand out, in whose interior emphasizes a bullring of singular beauty.

Others of Barcarrotasus's jewels wealths, her someone constitutes undoubtedly his mounts of pasture, which they allow the baby of the cattle of sow and the typical and incomparable products " black leg ". A corner in the border, I deign of being known.   
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Antonio García Candelas        Suggestions and impression