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It is the capital of the Region of Earth of Muds, the placed in the center of one of the agricultural zones rich and fertile mas of Spain. Of eminently agricultural origin, the city along his history, had a progressive social, cultural and economic development, turning into a modern and dynamic population provided with a series of services that award a quality of exceptional life.

The industry of the wine and of the oil they forged these enviable qualities, to which they join his characteristic romantic tradition, and the valued title that his visitors granted him: City of the Warmth.

Almendralejo counts today with mas of 30.000 inhabitants, being a forceful, city hard-working and full of life. Together with his his monumental buildings and his traditional architecture it shows evident signs of progress that concern his way of life, his agriculture and his industry. Principally of the wine and the olive.

To cross his churches, squares and alleys, or to realize purchases in his modern trades, it can be made compatible in spite of tasting his magnificent wines and savouring his peculiar gastronomy. A slow, programmed well visit will be an experience for the senses.                                                                                      fotografias propiedad del autor
 Antonio García Candelas        Sugerencias e impresiones