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You upset 10 kms. to the field northwest Maior, there is the village of Ouguela, small population of approximately 60 inhabitants, seated on frontier hill in the margen west of the river Xévora.

Presiding at the beautiful landscape, there rises the mass of his castle, medieval strength adapted with the step of the times, to the defensive own works of the fortifications abaluartadas of the XVIIth to XVIIIth century.

Roman ancestry assumes to him or visigoda, though it is very possible that his origin is Arabic. Nevertheless, some documentary sources, they speak about the conquest of the locality for from Leon forces sent by the bishop of Badajoz, after the capture of the city by the troops of Alfonso IX of León.

As all the populations of the border, Ouguela suffered the vicissitudes of the history and the fluctuacioneset of the frontier stripe. After Alcañices's Agreement in 1297, Field Maior, Olivenza, Táligas, Ouguela and other localities, they happened to form a part of the kingdom of Portugal, though they continued depending in religious matters of the bishopric of Badajoz.

The importance of this strength, it takes root in his strategic position near to the border and dominating the ways proceeding from Castile. It suffered the warlike events of the fights for the throne of Portugal. Later the Wars of Restoration Portugal and of Succession of Spain, and finally, the consequences of Peninsular Guerras of Independence against the Napoleonic invasion.

For this geostrategic value, Ouguela's strength had to adapt to the great threat that supposed the power of the new artillery. By it they were constructed revellines, new pits, covered ways and glacis, to present his defenses a minor surface of impact.

In the surrounding areas one finds the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Enxara, the course of the river Xévora (Gévora in Castilian), a bridge of dark origin and a possible causeway or Roman way.

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