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The city of Badajoz has differed always for his situation goestratégica privileged. According to authentic information the city was founded by Ibn Marwan at the end of the 10th century. The abundance and quality of the dispersed remains of origin visigoda, it has not revealed information that they assure that the population existed during previous historical periods. If it is true, that from remote times, the Hills of the Muela and of the Orniza, together with the rich fertile plaines of the Guadiana, were occupied by previous civilizations. She was born sheltered by his rivers, which were his first defenses. The Guadiana, the Gévora and the creeks Rivillas and Calamón (long ago much mightier) determined the accession and population of these rich lands.


cuenca fluvial badajoz


50 years ago, the river was an immense natural swimming pool where in summer, it was given he mentions the whole city. Between the Beak and the Bridge of Palms, one was finding " the Beach of the Company " Friends of the Guadiana ", conditioned with all kinds of services. In opposite shore Vera's Pier, where the classic boats were rented and podian to take to the late afternoon a few wines accompanying a few rich vogas. Lucky and after decades abondonado the river to his step along the city, he is receiving a new image and dimension. The works that the Hydrographic Federation of the Guadiana realizes in the márgenes of the river, from the A6 up to the border, will turn the Guadiana and his riveras into the principal artery and puilmón of the city.

puente de cantillana
To the northwest of Badajoz there come together two important basins fluvial that joined make way for themselves in the hills of The Orinaza and of The Millstone. The old man Anas of the Arabs receives the waters of the Gévora and his fertile fertile plaines used as accession of the primitive settlers of these singular lands.
pesquera pesquera
brazo jamaco
Assembled his guas in an alone riverbed, these spend below the Bridge of the Autonomy and the centenary Bridge of Palms. Downstream and already I walk of Portugal dicurren between the arches of the Bridge of the University and of the Royal Bridge. The needs of traffic and him I develop of the city towards the west, they make necessary the construction of the projected one " fifth bridge ", which will locate close to the Portuguese border and the station of the future AVE Badajoz - Madrid.
guadiana piente de la autonomia
puente de palmas puente depalmas puente de palmas
puente universidad puente de la universidad
puente real
puente real
puente real
The creeks Rivillas and Calamón embrace the city for the South, surrounding it up to ending in the Guadina, close to the place known as The Beak. The last flood that destroyed Badajoz forced the encauzamiento of these creeks, getting up nine new bridges or gangplanks that facilitate the traffic and the walk of the citizens along a new born park to the márgenes of these new hydraulic works.
puente de san roque
san roque
sobre el calamon
calamon y rivillas
san roque
puentes de san roque y revellin
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