The Major Plaza of Caceres continues being the vital center of the modern city. Emblematic place and door of entry to the glorious past that encloses his(its) old hull walled by Romans yárabes. Under her granitic porches the transition is realized between the last Century of Gold and the current century XXI. In his houses, in his trades and in his restaurants there is obvious the evolution that harmonicly us he is placing in the present. Of the almost fossil silence of the old squares and alleys, she passes to the great space peatonal of the square, which announces the nearby hustle and bustle of the vigorous life of the capital of the High Estremadura.

From the extreme west of the great square, the urban development axis that goes of the street Painters up to Cánovas's walk and the Cross of the Fallen, he originated the development of the locality in the years 60 and 70 of last century. Modern tracings and new slums have led to Caceres when his population multiplied until all 90.000 inhabitants to overflow, bringing together the modernity and the progress, with the conservation and the respect to his monumental patrimony, managing to keep vivacious an urban center that has turned into an authentic museum outdoors, that deserving of the appointment for the U.N.E.S.C.O. of Patrimony of the Humanity. For the same reasons and for his forceful cultural life, Caceres aspires to turn in 2016 into the Cultural Capital of Europe. A challenge, an exceptional goal that Estremadura and Spain they expect to obtain.                                     ttp://                Photographies property of the author

  Antonio García Candelas        Suggestions and impressions