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The city of Badajoz, is due to the Guadiana River. Born to their shelter and he defended their enemies throughout history. A few miles downstream, will be in Portugal and serves as a border with the neighboring country.

For many years, was integrated into people's lives. It was instead of sports, living, comfort and relaxation. Later, doomed to oblivion, barely survived multiple attacks and scorn. Today appear to be "new airs," perhaps regain its place in the city and become a little "High Park, pampered enough and prepared for the enjoyment of its citizens.




The oldest is the Palmas, which dates from the year 1460. Was partially destroyed by flooding from the river and last major work took place in 1880. In 1960 they built the second bridge, named for the University (then New Bridge). In 1990 he lifted the third, called the Autonomy. Four years later the Royal Bridge, a symbol and icon of the city at the time.  Downstream of the latter two others are planned in the PGOU

Five hundred meters downstream of Bridge Real, stands a small azud, dam the river, raising its level as it passes through the city.

At around and downstream, has resulted in an enclave of wetlands, which has been declared zone ECA, providing fauna that are covered in thick vegetation and its many ponds, a special degree of environmental protection.


50 years ago, the river was an immense natural swimming pool where in the summer, was quoted throughout the city.  Among Peak and Bridge Palmas was "beach" of the Society "Friends of the Guadiana", fitted with all kinds of services.

 On the shore opposite the Embarcadero Vera, where he rented the classic boats and could be taken at dusk wines accompanied by rich bogas.


Years ago the city turned its back on its river. Abandoned and dirty, destroyed its riverfront vegetation, waiting year after year, to be able to integrate into their town and dignificarlo.

 Lack of a comprehensive policy all institutions for their recovery and maintenance and also that once and for all, the Confederation make effective their ancient and plans for him.


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