City Patrimony of the Humanity

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Evora, is nowadays the capital of the district center of the Portuguese Republic, placed on the zone I centre south of this country. Defended by several belts of walls, she has could guard jealous the exchequers received of your rich past.

The actuality.

But she has could preserve some kind of important mas: a nearby and nice rural environment. Beside being a population provided with modern infrastructures and services, represented by a rich cultural life, she has turned exactly of tourist attraction into Portugal and Spain, offering a magnificent network of hotels and restaurants, to the service of a number every time major of visitors. For all this Patrimony of the Humanity deserved of the UNESCO, the appointment of city.

In the shade of his your cathedral, Évora's streets come together towards his your Major Plaza or of Giraldo, the gentleman " without fear" that fought to the service of the Portuguese king, taking the city to the Arabs(Arabic), as it is believed, between(among) the history and the legend. It is the place of meeting, of social relations of the city. The enclosure is largely porticado, with monumental arches of granite. In this space they find the trades, coffees(cafés) and restaurants mas typical of the city and of the Alentejo.

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