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With the passage of time, the city of Badajoz spread to both margins of the river. San Roque and San Fernando were the first born slums outside of the capital. To middle the century XX the city breaks, of the worst way, the limits of the fortification bastion, devastating glacis, pits, bastions and linens of wall.

His 150.000 inhabitants, occupy today new spaces, after a controversial urban ordination. The General Plan, being very discussed, is providing them with services and infrastructures, giving an image of modern, dynamical and different city. His commercial life, the services that it offers and its offers of leisure, they are together with the improvement of the communications, the incentives that they attract increasingly, a visitors' wide ampla afluência de visitantes.

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Badajoz is outlined as the capital of the border Hispanic Portuguese. She was born with will to fill a geographical and strategic hollow, and along his history, turbulent and uncertain, survived dozens of sieges, muffling the effects that the history had caused in other geographical areas, managing to be reborn repeatedly of her ashes.

Independently of the interest that they wake his its her monuments, Badajoz up, she has turned into a modern city, with vocation of service, which extends his influence, to a wide radius of 90 or 100 kilometres. The current and new tracings of highways, the future AVE Madrid - Lisbon, the Logistic International Platform, his Conference hall and his Fairground Enclosure, besides his Great Casino, constitute a set of elements that will provide an expansion to him without precedents.


Resting on a wide and varied set of housings, stands out the incentive of his monuments mas representative (Arabic fort and fortification bastion), close to his parks, gardens and fountains. The cultural offer is headed by one varied and you complete net of Museums and it complements itself with the meritorious labor of numerous cultural, public and private entities. The sports facilities, so much municipal as public they are for all the tastes and possibilities, Emphasize in this aspect the Great Casino Estremadura and the park Lusiberia, without forgetting his forceful activity in the sport, the leisure and the gastronomy..

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Visit the monuments of the city. Know your rich history. Arabic and Christian. Alcazaba, fortification bastions, cathedral, 

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