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Visiting nowadays Elvas's city is a passionate adventure. If we leave the car in the suburbs, before entering the old town, and we enter the population for someone of his covered ways, way of someone of his strengthened doors, we will live through the sensation of moving back in the time, of placing in the century XVII and live the sensations of that epoch. The booths and police officer's positions, the revellines, his pits and cañoneras, seem to encourage. We will be able to listen to the noise of the weapon, the rhythmic step of soldiers' squads, at the time that there is listened the saint and sign of the reliefs. Us it is difficult to imagine the thunderous noise of his cannons shooting to the unison, the smell of gunpowder, the harangues and the shouts of the injured men.

But the city is today a backwater of peace and of silence, which confirms with an alive population that I am employed at the peace of every day. His narrow and steep streets, his peaceful squares sowed with shields pertaining to nobility and splashed with sources, amaze us in every corner. Elvas.'s sources the primitive ones watered by the Aqueduct of Amoreira and the modern ones, which adorn the rotundas that distribute the income of the city. Both appear here, as symbol of a city that has grown throughout the time, being able to respect as few ones the past and the present. The history and the current importance.

The Portuguese capital in the border. Key of the country in the past. Sentry in the Stripe, a lot of time ago receives everybody nicely and cordial. Exceptional museum that not only you show her monuments, but he invites to enjoying them from the pits abaluartados up to the medieval fortifications, passing for a Plaza of the Republic and his ancient Cathedral,  Episcopal headquarters. And after the walk, to re-put forces a visit to her typical restaurants, famous in Spain and Portugal, where the visitor can taste the tasty and typical kitchen alentejana and the magnificent seafood of a city that does not have port of sea.



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