City Patrimony of the Humanity


The importance, both historical and monumental of this beautiful city he deserves for if alone a space that emphasizes your qualities and elegant beauty. From these pages we will try to show the aspects mas relevant of the same one, of your history and monuments, to contribute to a better knowledge of this singular enclave, which origins go back from the prehistory, up to the times in which it was a residence of the Lusitanian monarches, happening in the epochs, Roman, visigoda, Arabic and Christian, after fear being reconquered by the legendary Geraldo sen pavor.

In the surroundings of the city they have been studied about a hundred of megaliths, ten megalithic and sets almost a hundred of dolmens or elks. They constitute the heredity of your primitive settlers, monumental exponent of your forms of life, beliefs and cultures.

In the freguesía of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to approximately 10 Évora's kilometres, they find the Cromlech and the Menir of the Almond-trees. It is a question as the monuments of neolithic mas important and better(best) preserved of the whole Iberian peninsula.

A crómlech is a megalithic monument formed by stones or megaliths anchored vertically on the soil and distributed forming circles or concentric ellipses. His they distribute geographically for the British Isles, the French Brittany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. Though some experts attributed to him(her) magic and ritual functions, parace demonstrated that was treating himself elements formed for the observation of the sky.

After the Roman conquest of Iberia, she was founded as Liberalitas Julia, on the remains of a previous population. Later she was renamed as Ebora Cerealis, in agreement with the function of monumental granary that your rich lands were fulfilling. It was strongly walled and protected by numerous towers of great freightage, of which still there remain some of them. Of that epoch, besides the above-mentioned walls and your doors, us come as element mas representative, the remains of Diana's monumental Temple (dedicated to Jupiter, according to others). He is one of the mas impresionentes of the peninsula, together with similar existing other one in the city of Merida. Also there have lasted the remains of a few thermal baths of the same epoch.


After the invasion of the Arabs(Arabic), the population was conquered in the year 715 0 717. During the period of the first kingdoms of gangs, it was one of the cities mas important of the Badajoz. In the short period of the second gangs, it was an independent territory threatened by the constant pressure of the nascent Lusitanian kingdom. The defensive elements, they were re-used for visigodos and Arabs, as well as for the kingdom of Portugal, after the conquest of the city, for Gerardo " sem pavor".

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